Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ)

Please rate the pharmacy professional in relation to the eleven statements below by placing a tick in the relevant box for your rating.

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (ZA)
1. Making you feel at ease… (being friendly and warm towards you, treating you with respect; not cold or abrupt
2. Letting you tell “your” story (giving you time to fully describe any issues surrounding your health and your medicines in your own words; not interrupting you or diverting you)
3. Really listening… (paying close attention to what you were saying; not looking at the notes or computer as you were talking)
4. Being interested in you as a whole person… (asking/knowing relevant details about your life, your situation; not treating you as “just a number”)
5. Fully understanding your concerns… (communicating that she/he had accurately understood your concerns; not overlooking or dismissing anything)
6. Showing care and compassion…(seeming genuinely concerned, connecting with you on a human level; not being indifferent or “detached”)
7. Being positive…(having a positive approach and a positive attitude; being honest but not negative about your problems)
8. Explaining things clearly…(fully answering your questions, explaining clearly, giving you adequate information; not being vague)
9. Helping you take control…(exploring with you what you can do to improve your health; encouraging you rather than “lecturing” you)
10. Making a plan of action with you…(discussing the options, involving you in decisions as much as you want to be involved; not ignoring your views)
11. Overall, how would you rate your consultation with this pharmacy professional today?